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The Treasurer's Office manages all financial operations for the school district including all payroll-benefits for our employees. The Treasurer reports directly to the Board of Education and is responsible for providing the members with monthly-annual financial reports to support their decision making. The school district has a financial audit that is completed each year after the closing of their fiscal year (July-June). It is the Treasurer's office that oversees that all transactions are completed with accuracy and fiscal integrity.

As your School Treasurer, I am honored to be able to serve this school district and community and I work closely with the Board of Education Members to ensure that they have every fact or report needed to make decisions. Government accounting is much different than corporate accounting and our operations are dependent on revenue received from both the state and local property taxes.

After our FY23 Audit we were presented with an "Auditor of State Award" for our financial reporting for the 2022-2023 school year. This Auditor of State Award is an accomplishment that every district attempts to receive but it is very difficult to achieve. Less than 10% of Ohio schools received this award for 2023. I know that every day our employees go beyond 100% in their performance and we are like our students always working toward achieving that A+ grade.

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Lisa C. Tussey


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