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DIBELS Reading Fluency is one tool that can be used to track students’ reading progress in grades 1-6. Students read a passage, as an adult monitor counts the total number of words read and subtracts any errors to determine the number of “Words Correct per Minute.” To practice at home, select a book on the correct grade level. (Ex. A second grader in the 3rd month of school should use a 2.3 book or passage for DIBELS. A third grader in the 6th month of school should use a 3.6 book or passage.) Set a timer for 1 minute. As the student reads, you can make a tally mark on a separate sheet of paper for each word read incorrectly. At the end of 1 minute, mark where the student stopped. Count the total number of words read, and subtract the number of errors. Record the number of words read correctly to monitor your child’s reading progress at home.  The chart below shows benchmarks for grades 1-5.

Dibels Benchmarks