Fayetteville-Perry Administration


tim carlier


Phone: 513-875-4500

Email: tim.carlier@fpls.us

Hello! My name is Tim Carlier, Superintendent of Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools. As a graduate of Fayetteville, I am honored to enter my third year as superintendent, and I am excited about the continued opportunity to serve the students, staff, and community of my hometown, Fayetteville, Ohio.

During my fifteen years in the district, I have been fortunate to serve in a variety of roles; these have included teacher, assistant principal/athletic director, principal, and now superintendent.  Those experiences, along with my active involvement in the community, have enabled me to understand the needs of our community. Above all, we must provide the opportunity for all students to receive a quality education and the necessary guidance that will lead them to a successful future. As your superintendent, I assure you that is my top priority.

The past school year has been a roller coaster ride of changes with health orders and mandates from the state. When many school districts across the state were on remote learning full-time, Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools was only on remote learning for 12-days in the middle/high school and 13-days in the elementary for the entire 2020-2021 school year. I am truly proud of our staff, students, parents, and community for making this academic year a success!

As of June 2nd, when Ohio Governor Dewine lifted all health orders and mandates, the Fayetteville-Perry Board of Education followed suit and passed a resolution to lift all health orders and mandates that affect our school district. We are confident that we will move forward with a normal start to the 2021-2022 school year while continuing certain reasonable practices to keep students safe. We will allow students to bring their own water bottles and use the water-refill stations. We will continue to promote good personal hygiene and handwashing on a daily basis. We will have a new custodial position to assist in maintaining the cleanliness in all of our buildings. We will allow students and staff the opportunity to wear a face mask if they choose. In the end, we want all of our students, staff, parents, and community to feel comfortable when at Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools!

In June, I sent out a link for the parents/guardians and community to complete a survey on how we should invest our ARP ESSER III Funds we received due to COVID-19. I appreciate all the individuals who completed the survey, and I am taking your input into consideration when making financial decisions for our district. At this time, we are focused on student growth across the district with our goal for all students to obtain at least 1-years growth during the upcoming school year. To help us reach this goal, we have made some exciting changes for the 2021-2022 school year. First, we have invested in Chromebooks for all elementary students grades K-5 to prepare them early for success throughout their education at Fayetteville and beyond. We have created a Math Coach position in the elementary to provide support for student success.  We have created a district-wide Data/Instruction Coach position to provide support for our teachers to continuously improve instructional strategies and to successfully utilize the educational tools the district has already invested in. For our students who struggled during Covid-19 and fell behind academically, we have created an E-Learning Facilitator position, who will work one-on-one with students who are credit deficient to get them back on track to graduate high school on time. Unfortunately, the effects of COVID-19 weren’t just academic and student mental health is a rising concern; therefore, we have teamed up with Child Focus to provide additional assistance in the high school. Our district will now have a Child Focus Counselor or a Guidance Counselor in every building who will be readily available to support the needs of our students.

As we plan for the 2021-2022 school year, I am excited to get back to normal and watch our young people succeed in their academics and extracurricular activities. I want to see our students, parents, and community build strong professional and personal relationships, make positive memories, and continue our tradition of excellence! If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 513-875-4500.

Have a great day and an amazing school year. And As Always … GO ROCKETS!

Tim Carlier

Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools

Athletic Director

angela murphy

Athletic Director

Phone: 513-875-5062

Email: angela.murphy@fpls.us

We offer the following athletic programs: 

On behalf of the Fayetteville-Perry Athletic Department, I welcome all students to participate in our interscholastic sports programs. Sports are an excellent way learn how to work as an individual and as a team! 

Fayetteville-Perry Schools and the Athletic Departments’ primary concern is the education of our student-athletes. The Athletic Department hopes that you will take full advantage of the opportunity to receive a top-notch education while participating in our prospering athletic programs.


And As Always . . . GO ROCKETS!

High School (Grades 9-12)

  • Volleyball

  • Cross Country

  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)

  • Football

  • Cheerleading

  • Basketball (Boys and Girls)

  • Bowling

  • Softball

  • Baseball

  • Track and Field

Middle School (Grades 7-8)

  • Volleyball

  • Cross Country

  • Football

  • Cheerleading

  • Basketball (Boys and Girls)

  • Track and Field

Buildings, Grounds & Transportation



PHONE: 513-875-4501

Data/Instruction Coach

Jennifer Mullis

Data Coach

PHONE: 513-875-3520

Hello! My name is Jennifer Spaeth-Mullis. As an alumna of Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools, I am thrilled with this new opportunity to continue serving our district. I graduated from Wilmington College with a triple major in Education, English, and History which qualified me for dual licensure in AYA Integrated Language Arts and AYA Integrated Social Studies, and I recently completed the MAE program from Ohio University. As a life-long learner, I am always looking for new challenges and new ways to improve our district. 

Throughout my years at FHS, I have served in a number of capacities, but I am, of course, most proud of my success in the classroom, and I am excited to support our teachers throughout the district by helping them bring quality curriculum and data-driven instructional strategies to their classrooms to provide a superior education for all of our students. 

As we move forward in the upcoming school year, I look forward to seeing our students back in the classroom and seeing the smiles on their faces! Our focus is on eliminating the deficits from Covid-19 and ensuring that all of our students show academic growth in the 2021-2022 school year. I have no doubt that our little community is ready to face this challenge and come together to support our students' academic and social-emotional success!

Dean of Academics

Heidi Greco

Dean of Academics

PHONE: 513-875-3520

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I spent many years dreaming of the chance to give back to the school I have loved throughout my life, and now, I am living my beautiful dream of being part of the administration of this stellar institution.   My name is Heidi Greco, and I am the Dean of Academics for Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools.  As a Rocket graduate, I have spent most of my life immersed in the halls of education in this district. I attended Fayetteville schools before attending Miami University where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing.  From there, I continued my education at Wright State University earning a Master’s of Education in English Degree.  I spent my first year teaching  in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Then I came back home to Fayetteville and started teaching here in 2008 and was able to spend 11 great years teaching ELA in grades 10-12.  During that time, I continued my education, earning another Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with a principal licensure from the University of Cincinnati and pursued a Master’s in English from Ohio University where I received my credentialing to teach English on the collegiate level.  Fayetteville has always been the cornerstone of my life-and I am a proud member of the community.  My husband, James, and I bought our home in Fayetteville in 2011, and are happily raising our daughters (Morgan-16, Story-4, and Hayze- 8 months old) in the town.  

In 2019, right before the upheaval of the pandemic, I transitioned from the classroom to become the Dean of Academics.  I am the first to hold this title at Fayetteville-Perry, and the job has many facets.  As Dean of Academics I am the administrator of all things related to academics in the high school. I am responsible for everything from student scheduling, to state testing, College Credit Plus, ProgressBook,  graduation requirements and seals, record keeping, transcripts, career planning, and ensuring college readiness.  I am a member of the district leadership team, the building leadership team, safety committee, and the curriculum committee.  I am trained in PBIS, gifted education, and the 40 developmental assets.  I am looking forward to this new school year, and I plan to focus on increasing rigor and development of academics at Fayetteville High School.  It is my goal to ensure that all students are afforded an outstanding education and that every Rocket is ready to soar into the future after graduation.  I want to continue the legacy of excellence that comes with an education from Fayetteville High School, and I want to help each student develop the skills necessary for success in all they do. I am so excited to continue this adventure into the 2021-2022 school year.  Once a Rocket, always a Rocket, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me, for our students, our school, and our community. 

District Nurse


District Nurse

PHONE: 513-875-5070

I have been a Registered Nurse for 28 years. I first started my career at The Christ Hospital and moved into my career at Fayetteville-Perry Local School District in 1994 as District School Nurse. I received my nursing training at The Christ Hospital School of Nursing, University of Cincinnati and Wright State University. I have lived in the community of Fayetteville for the past 19 years. I provide health services for students in grades K – 12.

I have two clinics within the district, the Elementary clinic serves K - 5th grades and the Middle school clinic serves 6th - 12th grades. Some of my responsibilities include monitoring health records including immunizations; performing vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings; medication administration; first-aid and medical advice to students, their parents and staff, and staff trainings.

I am committed to meeting the daily health care needs of students as well as the educational and long term care needs associated with chronic illnesses. I deal with chronic conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Epilepsy on a daily basis. I collaborate with all staff members and parents/guardians. I strive for the well-being of all students and pride myself with keeping children healthy, safe and ready to learn. It is my goal to be a resource to parents and a partner to health care providers in our community. I function as an advocate for students in the educational setting, focusing attention on students’ physical health and wellness, as well as their mental, social and emotional well-being.

EMIS Coordinator

Debbie Crone

EMIS Coordinator

PHONE: 513-875-2423

Food Service



PHONE: 513-875-4213

Principal - Elementary School

Aric Fiscus

Elementary School Principal

PHONE: 513-875-2083

My name is Aric Fiscus. I am entering my third year as principal of Fayetteville Elementary School. As we enter the 2021-22 school year we are excited to have all of our students back in person on campus. This past school year was a challenge on many levels. However, I am proud of how all of our students and staff were able to maintain high standards while still working within limitations to secure the safety of the school population. With the start of the 2021-22 school year we will be moving back to normal procedures during our school day. Our pickup and dropoff will remain the same. We will be putting out a link to our transportation form for parents to fill out online in early August. Our supply lists are also posted on our website so you can fully prepare your child for the upcoming school year. We are most excited to announce that the elementary building will be moving to a 1:1 device program where each student will have their own Chromebook to use for completion of academic work. Although those devices will not leave the building it will give our students greater access to all that can be offered through technology-based learning. Many thanks to the Board of Education, Mr. Carlier, Mrs. Tussey, Mr. Seigler, and all involved for making this happen. Finally, we invite you to attend our open house on August 16 from 6:00-7:30 so you can meet your child’s teachers and we can all kick off the school year on a positive note. I look forward to seeing you then.

As Always, Go Rockets!

Mr. Fiscus

Principal - High School

Rodney Wallace

High School Principal

PHONE: 513-875-3520

Welcome to a new school year at Fayetteville High School -- Home of the Rockets. We are moving forward after a school year different from any other, and we look forward to getting back to normal at Fayetteville High School. It will be exciting for students to once again participate in academics, assemblies, social activities, clubs and athletic events in a more traditional way allowing parents/guardians and community members to attend and cheer on our students in person.

I am also excited to announce that we will have several new staff members this year. This includes the addition of an E-Learning Facilitator who will provide support for students needing credit recovery as well as providing the opportunity for elective classes we may not offer on campus. We have also partnered with Child Focus to provide an additional counselor in the high school to support our students' social-emotional health as we work through the effects of Covid-19.

It has been my pleasure to work with our dedicated high school staff. We are committed to providing a quality learning environment that meets the needs of each student as they prepare academically, socially and emotionally for their future. We look forward to working with you to provide a safe and productive learning environment, and we look forward to seeing you back on campus!

Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns. We wish your family, and especially your students, great success this school year and As Always……Go Rockets!!

Rodney Wallace

Fayetteville High School Principal

Principal - Middle School

Jim Herron

Middle School Principal

PHONE: 513-875-2829

Welcome Rocket Family, my name is Mr. James Herron, and I am starting my 3rd year as Principal of Fayetteville Middle School. As we begin the 2021 – 2022 school year, let me thank everyone for their support over the last year.  The students, parents and staff all stepped up to make last year a success, and we could not have made it through without everyone’s support.  We would like to welcome two new staff members to the Rocket Family this year.  Mrs. Grippa will be taking over as the new intervention specialist for grades 6 and 7.  Mrs. Grippa comes to us from RUHL and has been teaching for the last 6 years.  Ms. Smith will be taking over for the Multiple Disabilities room, as Mr. Stacy has moved to the high school PE position. Ms. Smith will be entering her first year and comes to us from Cedarville University. We are excited to have them as part of the Rocket Family.  We will start the roll out of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) this year and look forward to a positive school climate for students to learn and grow. With the beginning of a new year, we hope everyone is excited to return to school and ready to get to work. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the school at 513-875-2829.  Let’s have a great year and as always… GO ROCKETS.

School Resource Officer


School Resource Officer

PHONE: 513-875-5087



The School Resource Officer position is a highly anticipated program that was added to the Fayetteville-Perry School District in the 2018-2019 school year.

By adding the position, Fayetteville-Perry Schools have taken a firm stand on increasing school safety and crime prevention; with the School Resource Officer, students, staff and community working closely together to provide a safer and more efficient educational atmosphere.

The program is headed by Ofc. Sean Waddle of the Fayetteville Police Department. Ofc. Waddle is a Certified School Resource Officer, accredited through the OSROA (Ohio School Resource Officer Association) and is an ALICE Certified Instructor through the ATI (Alice Training Institute). He is entering his seventh year in Law Enforcement and has shown exceptional interest in the students and school safety during his employment. He also brings experience and training in Juvenile Relations, Security Management and Community Outreach, as well as traditional law enforcement knowledge. Ofc. Waddle has been the police department's school liaison for a variety of tasks and assignments in the past and was happily assigned to be the School Resource Officer.

Some of the many duties that Ofc. Waddle will be responsible for include:

  • Supervision of School Security Operations - Collaborating with the Administration and Security Professionals to formulate campus safety plans - Create meaningful, effective relationships with the student body and families - Assist School Staff with law enforcement education and guidance - Actively Patrolling the School Campus

" Hello staff, students and parents alike. I'm honored to be the one chosen for such a position and look forward to being a meaningful part in the student's daily lives here at Fayetteville-Perry. As an SRO, I not only will provide Law Enforcement presence here at the schools, but be an informal counselor and educator for the students to come to with questions and concerns that they may have. I wish everyone a very safe year! "

Special Education



PHONE: 513-875-5077

Eligibility for Special Education Services

Children must meet two criteria in order to receive special education:

  • The child must meet Ohio’s qualifications for one or more of the 13 disabilities listed in the IDEA:

    • Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Deafness, Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impairment, Cognitive Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment.

  • The student's disability must have an adverse effect on his/her academic performance to such a degree that special education and related services must be considered in order for the student to be successful in school.

    • Not all children who have a disability require special education and related services. Many are able to participate in their classrooms with few or minor program modifications.

    • It is important to note that RTI within a three-tier intervention model is also a part of special education eligibility decision-making required by 34 CFR 300.309 and 23 IAC 226.130

For more information on the Policies and Procedures related to special education, please visit the following site: http://www.edresourcesohio.org/files/whose_idea_is...

For more information on the Autism Scholarship Program contact: Lisa Huckins Office of Nonpublic Educational Options (614) 466-5743 Toll-free: (877) 644-6338 E-Mail: autismscholarship@education.ohio.gov For more information on the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program contact: Ohio Department of Education Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program 25 S. Front Street, Mail Stop 310 Columbus, Ohio 43215 peterson.scholarship@education.ohio.gov

Special Education Services:

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) is a federal law that requires students with disabilities ages preschool through school age to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). Fayetteville-Perry Schools provides a continuum of services to meet the needs of learners with special needs in their least restrictive environment.

Child Find:

The Fayetteville-Perry School District’s adopted Child Find Policy requires that all children, up to 22 years of age residing within the district, who have a disability regardless of the severity of the disability, and who are in need of special education and related services are identified, located, and evaluated in accordance with all federal regulations and state standards.

For children birth through age two, a disability means that a child have a behavior, cognition, communication, physical development, sensory development and/or social or emotional development deficit.

For children age three through five years of age, a disability means that a child has a documented deficit in one or more of the following areas: communication skills, hearing abilities, motor functioning, social emotional/behavior functioning or vision abilities.

For school-age children, a disability means a person having one or more conditions such as autism, developmental handicap, hearing handicap, multi-handicap, orthopedically and/or other health handicaps, emotional/behavior handicap, specific learning disability, traumatic brain injury or vision handicap.

If you are aware of a child who you think may have a disability, please contact Paula Wiederhold, Special Education Coordinator at 513-875-5077.

Notification to Parents of a child with a disability "Your child may be eligible for scholarship under the Autism Scholarship Program or the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program to attend a special education program that implements the child's individualized education program and that is operated by an alternative public provider or by a registered private provider."

The following is the phone number to the Ohio Department of Education and the office that is responsible for administering the scholarship programs.



Director of Information Technology

The information technology department is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software, voice communications and networking of computers in the district.

Tech Links:

Casey Snider

Technology Assistant

PHONE: 513-875-5097

Hello, my name is Casey Snider, and I’m the new Tech Assistant. I graduated from Eastern High School (Go Warriors)   and Southern Hill CtC. form Information Technology. I’m a 2021 Graduate I Can say no other Grade had to wear a mask at their Graduation ceremony. This year is something special. I have yet to meet everyone. From people, I Have met you all seem like great people. If you ever need any Technical assistance to reach out to me or just submit a help desk ticket.

Mobile Devices in Classrooms

The world is driven by technology and we need to make sure our students are ready for the 21st century.
To foster education in the classroom, we offer the following technology.

  • 1 to 1 student Chromebooks for Grades K -6.

  • 1 to 1 student laptops for Grades 7-12.

  • All teachers have a laptop.

  • All classrooms are equipped with projectors and sound reinforcement systems.

  • Enterprise-class wireless system that provides a wired-like experience for all of our mobile devices.

Google Apps for Education

Fayetteville-Perry Local schools has chosen G Suite for Education and is available for all staff and students grades K-12.
G Suite for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use.

All of the G Suite services can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection (school, home, smart phone, etc.)

Since G Suite is all online, it is the same everywhere you use it. There is no issue with having one version of a program at home and a different version at school.

G Suite allows you to easily share documents and files with teachers and students, so you can turn in assignments electronically and collaborate on projects.

Core G Suite for Education suite includes:

  • Gmail: Email storage and search tools that help your students find information fast and instant messaging from right inside their accounts.

  • Google Drive: Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with your whole school.

  • Google Calendar: Teachers and students can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with others.

  • Google Classroom: Google Classroom is your all-in-one place for teaching and learning. Our easy-to-use and secure tool helps educators manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences.

If you have any questions about technology in our district, we welcome your emails or phone calls.




PHONE: 513-875-3688

tracy brinkman

Tracy Brinkman

Phone: 513-875-5067

Email: tracy.brinkman@fpls.us

april brooks

April Brooks

Phone: 513-875-5066

Email: april.brooks@fpls.us

As your School Treasurer it is my responsibility to ensure that all funds are being safeguarded and expended as authorized.  I am committed to performing the duties of my job with integrity and also do my best to meet the demands and needs of our staff here at Fayetteville Schools.  I work closely with our Board of Education and the Superintendent in preparing our Budgets to operate our schools. 

We are continually examining and remaining conservative while evaluating the “wants” versus the “needs” to successfully provide all that is necessary for the success of our students. 

Our lives have been forever changed this last year and a half and many have suffered a variety of sadness and hardships.  I will never take for granted the ability to see another person and their smile.  May we all be blessed with a new school year and especially for our students to be able to experience memorable “School Days”.

I am always available if an employee or a resident of our district has any questions.  I value being able to serve this community.

Lisa C. Tussey, Treasurer