Lisa Tussey



In 2008, I became employed with Fayetteville-Perry School District as an Assistant to the Treasurer. In this position I was responsible for Payroll/Benefits/Staff EMIS/Receivables and completing all taxing and reporting obligations. In 2014, I taught 7th-12th grade Business/Computer Applications. In 2016, I moved to the High School Secretary position. Prior to becoming employed with the school I had worked 7 1/2 years at GE Aircraft Engines (Procurement), 3 1/2 years at Technicolor Entertainment (Management).

I bring value to the School Treasurer's position because I have a different perspective with my experience in the private sector. I realize the importance of being conservative and also meeting the needs of our staff and students in the daily operations. I work closely with our Board of Education to ensure that we are compliant as we plan and forecast for the future. My department is dedicated to ensure that we comply to the strict guidelines of proper accounting practices utilizing the best processes and methods. Each day there is much to learn and I give you my commitment to diligently safeguard the funds of this school district and to continue to seek, learn and ask questions so that I know that together we can achieve. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to serve this school and our community.