First League Championship since 2009 (Co-Co-Co Champions)
Fayetteville Rockets – Men’s Soccer

Fayetteville Men’s Soccer upsets Lynchburg in a shootout 1-0 on October 9 th against one of their biggest rivals in their conference. The Mustangs were on a 73-game (10 Years) win streak until it came to an end on the Rockets last game and most important game of the season. This led to the Rockets First League Champion Victory in 14 years. Fayetteville will share Co-Champions with Lynchburg & North Adams.

The Rockets earned a free kick at the 6:30 mark in the first half, Coach Danny Espinoza called on Keegan Craycraft (Soph.) to take the kick. Keegan hit a bull’s eye to First Team - All League - Ricky Luncan (Sr.) for a head ball goal which was the only goal of the game and the only goal allowed by the Lynchburg Goalie Isaac Eyre (Jr.) within the conference all year.

There is a common theme to this Rockets Team, making the opposition feel every single minute of the full 80 minutes with their defense. Now holding Fayetteville school record for a season with 56 offside calls. These efforts were led by All League – First Team - Kendall Holden (Sr.), Alex Williamson (Soph.), Tyler Short (Sophomore), and Goalkeeper Blake Rugenstein (Soph.). The Rockets followed their game plan until the end buzzer.

The Rockets coaching staff, led by Head Coach Danny Espinoza, Assistant Coach Jon Williamson, and Assistant Coach Brian Short, had three main objectives this 2023 season. (1) To become League Champs. (2) Go Undefeated at Home (Check) (7-0-1, Record). (3) Beat Lynchburg and to end their 10-year conference reign.

The Rockets team consists of 16 strong players and everyone has stepped up into their roles to help us have a great season. This season could not have been possible without the efforts of everyone’s commitment to our three main objectives.

The coaches and community couldn’t be prouder of their growth this year. The Rockets will be sad to see our four Seniors and Captains graduate. (Ricky Luncan, Kendall Holden, Teegan Doughman, Hunter Brewsaugh). With a young core rostered on the current team, the Rockets Future looks bright. The Rockets are already strategizing and excited for the 2024-2025 players coming in. Hats off to the 2023 season and many more to come. And as ALWAYS, GO ROCKETS!

Written by: Fayetteville Men’s Soccer Coaches