Parent-Teacher Organization

WELCOME!!! Thank you for showing interest in our PTO program. Our PTO meets once a month in the Elementary School to go over all of our activities. PTO holds most of our fun activities for the Elementary and Middle schools. We do the Halloween Carnival, Santa's Workshop, The Walk-A-Thon, Mother-Son Event, Father-Daughter Dance, Flower Sale. We are only doing 2 fundraisers this year, which are the Little Caesar Pizza Sales, and our Walk-A-Thon. We pay for the OAA Bowling Trips, Field Trips, The Awards Mr. Barlow hands out, the Smartboards that are in the classroom and this year we are reimbursing all the Teachers with $50.00 each so they can purchase curriculum or supplies for their rooms.

Our goals by the end of the year is to purchase new hand dryers for the Elementary School and pay for the field trips for next year.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact any of us. ALL parents are WELCOME to attend.....we can use any help you are willing to do.

Again, THANK YOU for your interest!!!

PTO Board

PTO Contact Information

President Carlee Coffman
Email: carleecoffman@yahoo.com
Vice President Edie Kelly
Email: ediemkelly@yahoo.com
Treasurer - Tisha Wolfer
Email: wolfertisha@yahoo.com
Secretary -  Anna Pfankuch
Email: annapfankuch@yahoo.com

Board Members at large

Marsha King
Email: marsha.king@fp.k12.oh.us
Amanda Rolland
Email: rollanda04@hotmail.com
Rose Helton
Email: rhelton12@gmail.com
Tiffany McRoberts
Email: tiffanymcroberts@outlook.com

You can also call the school at 513-875-2083 and leave a message for anyone on the PTO Board!